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Burgers Worth The Hype

It began as a guest favorite burger at our sister restaurant, Nice Matin, but the 5 Napkin Burger quickly proved that it was too popular to be just another menu item — it needed a whole restaurant of its own.

Then, and now, it remains our guide. From our all-natural beef burgers, to our house-made veggie burger, we strive for ultimate burger happiness on every single plate. This philosophy extends to the rest of our menu, packed with seasonal salads, top-notch sides, and even all-day brunch. 

Our handspun shakes come classic or boozy, and we have a full bar that includes a large selection of beer, wine, spirits and crafted cocktails. We are, after all, 'The Steakhouse' of burger joints — a knife and fork is optional, but five napkins are always required.


Whether you’re from the neighborhood, or visiting from out of town, we can’t wait to see you. Reservations are encouraged, but not required!